This is a summary of the privacy policy. To see the full conditions read here. Warning: This summary is not part of the privacy policy, not a legal document It is simply a handy reference for complete data protection regulations The user interface of our privacy policy ...

Because we believe that you can share personal information for the free flow of knowledge, you can not offer:

Read, edit, or any other Wikimedia site without having to create an account. Sign up for an account without an email address or name provided.

Because we want to know how to use the Wikimedia site, so we can do better, we collect information when you:

Donations from the public. Sign up for an account or update your user page. Use the Wikimedia site. Send us an e-mail or participate in surveys or comments.

We are committed to:

Describe how your information is used and shared in this privacy policy. Use appropriate measures to ensure the security of your data. Never sell for marketing purposes or transmit your information to third parties. Share your information only under certain circumstances, such as improving Wikimedia websites comply with the law, or protect yourself and others. Keep your data in no time, and maintain and better understand Wikimedia sites but also in accordance with our legal obligations.


Everything, add modifications to Wikimedia sites or made public and accessible permanently. If you change the content without adding or connecting Wikimedia sites in, the content or changes are publicly and permanently used by the IP address instead of the username. Our volunteer editors and the contributing community is a self-warning system. Some managers (chosen by the community) tool allows them limited access to non-public information about new messages, enabling them to protect and implement strategies of Wikimedia Wikimedia Sites. This privacy policy does not apply to all sites and services operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, such as its own Privacy Policy website or a service (such as Wikimedia Store), or websites or third party web services (such as developers External Wikimedia Projects Lab). As part of our commitment to education and research around the world, and we sometimes publish public information and non-personal aggregated information to the public through backup data and records. To protect the Wikimedia Foundation and other users, if you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not use the Wikimedia site.